You don't have to drown in data. Extract insight from your info using advanced IT analytics

Tune in today to hear from Sumo Logic on real-time monitoring and app stack troubleshooting

Sponsored webcast It is not unusual for organisations to amass such large volumes of data that they struggle to examine it for real-time operational insights that will help them resolve issues and grow their business.

Technology developments, such as next-generation application stacks, distributed cloud architectures, containerisation and micro-services, can make the task even more complicated. Add a shortage of skilled professionals who know how to bring order to a steadily increasing and constantly changing heap of information, and you could end up with a serious headache.

How do you make the pain go away?

Tune in online today at 2pm, Monday, 22 July, to hear experts from machine-learning company Sumo Logic explain how their customers are reaping the benefits of advanced IT analytics.

This is the second part of a short, practical webcast series. In part one, Sumo Logic drew upon its experience and real use-case examples to offer easily understood steps you can take to implement analytics – and put your data to work.

Looking ahead, part three, on 29 July, will delve into security instrumentation: enabling trust, protection, and compliance across dynamic and distributed environments.

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