Watch live online today: Make data earn its keep by not just collating it, but securely sharing it with suppliers, partners

We talk real-world examples with OSIsoft, Axens, MOL Group

Sponsored webcast While many organisations are still gazing in marvel at the inelegantly named Internet of Things, the technology world has been making big strides in the area of routinely handling data from thousands of pieces of equipment.

Solutions are moving from simply collating real-time sensor-based data towards seeing how it can be shared securely and made to work harder.

The result is a wealth of opportunities for equipment manufacturers, service providers, and their customers, ranging from offering predictive maintenance or spares management to feeding information directly into manufacturing for more efficient processes and improved products.

In our webinar starting at 11am BST on 26 June, we speak to real-time data management software provider OSIsoft to learn more about these exciting developments.

We will cover a real-world example, bringing in technology equipment supplier Axens and its customer, the Hungary-based multinational oil and gas company MOL Group, to tell us how they are sharing operational sensor data to provide services and optimise manufacturing processes.

Topics under discussion will include:

  • The business value of sharing operational data with suppliers
  • How to tackle the security ramifications of sharing data between several organisations
  • The architecture and practicalities of delivering sensor-based data, based on a real-world case
  • The opportunities in store for equipment manufacturers and service providers

So, if you are a provider wanting to connect with the growing mountains of data available from your customer sites, or if you simply want to learn how innovative companies are harnessing the power of sensor-based information, sign up right here for the webinar.

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