Gain clear visibility into your network with app intelligence from Gigamon: We chat to the biz about its tech

A new way to ease your path to a digital transformation

Sponsored webcast As applications grow increasingly numerous and complex, it becomes ever harder for organisations to maintain service delivery and ensure good security.

Many feel obliged to reinvent their business models and change their use of technology, however, the last people to be asked, and first to deal with the consequences, is often the hapless IT department charged with diagnosing and resolving the problems.

Faced with a host of challenges, from monitoring user experience to tightening cybersecurity, most IT teams still work with a set of in-house tools that were built for a different era.

Tune in to our webinar at 11am BST on 28 May, 2019, to learn how to get on top of your digital transformation.

We speak to Bassam Khan, vice president of product and technical marketing at network software and hardware provider Gigamon, about the rise of massively scalable, distributed applications that can meet the needs of the new digital order.

The topics under discussion include:

  • The need for a different management approach as applications become highly distributed and harder to manage
  • How intelligence in networking monitoring tools can make application-based activity more visible
  • A practical approach to delivering application awareness across the organisation

The webinar will draw on real-world examples and include a demo to show how network visibility can clear the path to digital transformation.

Find more details and sign up for the webinar right here.

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