Watch online: CTO of Hybrid Cloud at HPE meets our team to discuss real-world multi-cloud deployments

The challenges, the model, and how it can be done

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Multi-cloud models are the way to go for any organisation looking to deliver innovation and keep on top of technology costs. While many organizations have realised that not everything lends itself to the public cloud, technology strategists still want to benefit from the speed, operational efficiency, and pay-as-you-go benefits of a cloud architecture.

So, as organizations increasingly look at hybrid-cloud models, pulling away from full investment in public cloud and towards bringing things more in-house, how can they replicate the public cloud experience in an on-prem-off-prem environment without needing to do a full lift-and-shift of existing systems, applications, and services?

In this webinar, join Phil Starrett, CTO of Hybrid Cloud at HPE, Tony Lock from analysts Freeform Dynamics, and our very own Jon Collins, to understand how to build on the three pillars of the Hybrid Cloud: technology, people, and economics. We'll cover:

  • What are the challenges faced by organisations today?
  • What does the hybrid cloud approach bring to the party?
  • Where and how can you start achieving hybrid cloud benefits?

Whether you are a CFO or CTO, strategist or engineer, tune in May 15 to find out how you can deliver the benefits of the hybrid cloud, wherever you are on your own journey.

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