ISC High Performance conference is back: Catch up with the latest developments in super-high-end computing

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Promo The ISC High Performance conference is back, taking place this year in Frankfurt, Germany, from 16 to 20 June, and bringing together thousands of users and exhibitors with a shared interest in the latest high performance computing (HPC), big data, and cloud technologies.

One of this event’s main areas of focus is machine learning, now playing an ever more important role part in scientific research as well as in developing commercial products.

Here are a few of the highlights in the conference’s packed schedule of tutorials, workshops and events:

Conference keynote

  • The algorithms of life: scientific computing for systems biology

Distinguished speaker series

  • Applied ethics in artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • Quantum Technologies - From Basic Science to Applications

Machine learning day

  • Deep learning acceleration of progress toward delivery of fusion energy
  • Machine learning for systems

Industrial day

  • A global study: best practices in partnerships between HPC centres and industry
  • Synergies of AI/ML and HPC in industry

ISC workshops

  • HPC computing in a post Moore’s Law world
  • Convergence of large scale simulation/HPC and artificial intelligence
  • Women in HPC: diversifying the HPC community and engaging male allies


  • Compression for scientific data
  • HPC strategy, procurement, cost models and metrics
  • Hands-on practical hybrid parallel application performance engineering

Birds of a feather

  • The Green500: trends in energy efficient supercomputing

Besides the talks and workshops, the event features a free, full-day programme on 19 June for undergraduate and graduate STEM students.

Aimed at helping HPC technology providers find suitable candidates to work in their companies, it includes tutorials, a tour of the conference exhibition, and a job fair and dinner reception in the evening. Register now to be notified in mid-May whether you have been admitted.

For attendees who arrive a day early there’s a pre-conference party offering food, drink and entertainment and open to the first 400 registered attendees. If you miss it, you can catch up with your peers and all the exhibitors at the welcoming party on the first evening.

A number of awards recognising HPC research will be presented at the conference, including the research paper award, the research poster award and the PhD forum award, with a prize of a high-end tablet for the winning student.

All the details are right here

Note that if you register before 16 June, you will save up to 15% off the on-site ticket price.

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