Get the smell out of here! Gaming tournament bans players who raise a literal stink

YuGiOh takes brave stance of requesting basic hygiene in competitions

Competitive YuGiOh players have been given a literal breath of fresh air, thanks to new rules mandating anyone in a competitive game not reek.

The latest edition of official tournament rules for the anime-based trading card game includes a new subsection addressing basic hygiene as part of tournament guidelines.

"You are expected to be clean when you enter a tournament. Neglecting to wash or put on clean clothes contributes to an unpleasant atmosphere at the event, as the tournament can be crowded and the day can be long," the guideline reads.

"Persons who neglect self-care to the point that they are negatively impacting the tournament may be asked to correct the issue in order to continue in the event."

In other words: reek of ass, you shall not pass.

Smelly nerd stereotypes aside, the variable state of freshness amongst players and attendees has been a long-running complaint among many in the competitive games and conventions world. With gamers and fans spending long hours in crowded rooms, certain unpleasant aromas can become a major disruption.

Last year, games site Kotaku noted that competitive Super Smash Bros tournaments were experiencing similar complaints that had caused some tournament organizers to implement their own rules requiring players and attendees to freshen up or risk expulsion.

On Twitter, response to the rule looks to be largely positive, if not warmly welcomed.

YuGiOh fans unsure if they'll make the cut can buy and use the game's own branded shower products, just to be sure.

Those who do find themselves out in the cold for not passing the smell test should take heart, you're still in some good company after all. ®

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