Cisco reckons there are intelligent ways to protect your network from attack – and it has free demos to prove it

Switchzilla touts advanced analytics, automation

Promo Protecting your network from a barrage of assaults by brand-new as well as tried-and-tested methods of attack is increasingly challenging.

Cisco’s answer is to move to what it calls an intent-based network that uses analytics and automation to turn your infrastructure into a sensor for everything from targeted attacks to ransomware, insider threats and more.

The latest attacks are adept at bypassing security controls. Cisco DNA Center includes a network analytics solution that automates the collection of measurements and other data, giving a clear view of the network so you can spot changes, such as a spike in traffic to a sensitive database, that could signal an imminent threat.

Use analytics and automation to help contain threats before they spread, protect against IoT attacks and strengthen perimeter controls.

How do you control which users and devices have access to which resources? You can cut out time-consuming manual processes with this automated solution that centralises policy management and gives you full control.

Separating groups of employees, partners and IoT devices to prevent the spread of malware is a time-consuming process for IT teams but automation makes segmentation simpler and more effective.

What about threats in encrypted traffic: how do you protect your business against these without compromising privacy? Cisco has an advanced analytics solution that can recognise when encrypted traffic is likely to contain malicious content without the need for decryption and automatically quarantine it before it can infect the network.

Read more and download the free demos about the many ways analytics and automation can secure your network right here and here.

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