With an estimated 63 million devices joining the business end of networks a second by 2020, are you prepared?

Cisco is touting analytics, automation for that very challenge

Promo With an estimated 63 million new devices attaching to enterprise networks per second by 2020, will your infrastructure team be able cope with its growing scale and complexity?

Cisco proposes to simplify network management by leading the emerging trend of intent-based management. The network giant’s claims its DNA software incorporating advanced machine learning and automation will make every aspect of managing the network easier and more efficient.

Here’s how you can reach this desirable goal.

First, make sure your wireless network is up to scratch and optimised to allow for an expected large influx of additional users, devices and demanding applications.

Next, streamline network management by using Cisco DNA Center to automate repetitive and costly administration tasks such as provisioning and configuration. You could see your operating expenses cut by 61 per cent.

Mobile users, IoT devices and guest wifi can be one of organisations’ biggest security headaches. You can prevent cyberattacks spreading like wildfire with an intelligent software-defined access solution that applies identity-based policies and the safe segmentation of users, devices and applications.

Cisco also recommends its industrial IoT network solution as the best way of controlling security and streamlining the management of your warehouses, distribution centres and other industrial spaces.

Read more about automating your network the easy way, and request your own free demo.

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