Big problems? How could AI and machine learning help?

Get a deep discount on deep learning

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Events If you’ve got a problem and you suspect part of the answer might come in the form of AI, machine learning or data science, you should really join us at MCubed 2019.

MCubed returns to London from September 30 to October 2, 2019, and right now you can buy conference tickets at a knock-down blind bird price.

The focus once again is on the fundamentals of machine learning, AI and predictive analytics, and how organisations are developing and deploying the technology to solve real world business and technology problems.

Whether you want an introduction to key tools like TensorFlow, are looking for deep insight into how to apply deep learning to engineering problems, or want pointers on how to integrate AI development into your overall software development and deployment operation, MCubed is the event for you.

This will all be taking place at the QE II Conference Center, and as usual there will be excellent food right the way through, as well as our first-day drinks party.

But this offer won’t be around forever. Right now, we’re in call for papers mode. Once that’s over and we publish our agenda, tickets go up to our early bird price. So don’t delay, head over to the MCubed website now.

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