Train for the fight against cybercrime at SANS London 2019

Ten intensive courses promise to cover every angle

Promo As new and ever more inventive threats keep crowding over the IT horizon, the security professional is under constant pressure to stay ahead of the cybercriminals.

Prepare to meet whatever the attackers throw at you at SANS London 2019 from 11-16 March, where you can choose between 10 intensive training courses, tailored to suit all levels from novice to seasoned expert.

All provide the chance of gaining valuable GIAC certification and arm attendees with defensive and offensive skills that can be put into practice immediately.

These are the courses on offer.

  • Introduction to cyber security
    Students with no prior cybersecurity experience can jump-start their education with this basic five-day course covering terminology, networks, security policies, incident response, passwords and cryptography.
  • Security essentials bootcamp style
    Would you be able to find compromised systems on your network? Do you know if each security device is configured correctly? Are proper security metrics set up and communicated to your executives?
  • Hacker tools, techniques, exploits and incident handling
    Follow a step-by-step response to computer incidents and learn about legal issues such as employee monitoring, working with law enforcement and handling evidence.
  • Continuous monitoring and security operations
    It is no longer enough to rely on perimeter security. Once attackers can find a way into an organisation they will be able to achieve their nefarious goals. Find out how to detect anomalies that indicate criminal behaviour so you can nip intrusions in the bud.
  • Mobile device security and ethical hacking
    Mobile devices are often an organisation's biggest security worry. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses in Apple iOS and Android devices and how to communicate risks to key stakeholders.
  • Advanced Web app penetration testing, ethical hacking and exploitation techniques
    Modern web applications are increasingly sophisticated and complex. Learn about new web frameworks and backends, dig deep into practical cryptography, and examine new protocols such as HTTP/2 and WebSockets.
  • Advanced penetration testing, exploit writing and ethical hacking
    Aimed at those who already have penetration testing training and experience. Walk through dozens of real-world attacks and consolidate your knowledge with hands-on lab work.
  • Advanced digital forensics, incident response and threat hunting
    Determined adversaries can get past monitoring tools so it's important to catch intrusions in progress rather than after attackers have done their worst. Study the art of recognising criminal behaviours to identify data breaches.
  • Advanced memory forensics and threat detection
    This course on Windows memory forensics for incident response investigators uses the most effective freeware and open-source tools to examine RAM content to reveal the story of what happened on a system.
  • Secure DevOps and cloud application security
    How to build and deliver secure software using DevOps and and Amazon Web Services using popular open-source tools such as GitLab, Puppet, Jenkins, Vault, Graphana, and Docker.

More information and registration details here.

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