Careful with this latest Microsoft release – tug too hard on the threads and it tends to unravel

The Windows Christmas Jumper Day Update is here!

Those whacky guys on the Windows team have taken time out from slapping plasters all over Microsoft's flagship OS to slip a special Christmas gift under the tree of the faithful.

If you've been a good little fanboy, you may find yourself in receipt of a special jumper, harking back to the good old days of Windows 95.

To be honest, the thing actually warms our little Grinchy hearts here at Vulture Central and, in the absence of suitable Reg knitwear, we have to confess that (not all of us) would say no to such a thing. If only to make a change from the ubiquitous elves, Christmas trees and flashing lights. And also to mop the inevitable gravy and port spillages.

Since today is Christmas Jumper Day, at least as far as charity Save The Children is concerned, may we suggest some additional pullovers for the IT world? Perhaps the RedHat jumper, which was sadly mixed in the wash with IBM's big blue woollen effort and is now misshapen, but a fetching shade of purple?

Or maybe an Apple jumper, which lacks holes for your head and arms and is inexplicably expensive. Inability to put the thing on will be your fault, of course, because you're wearing it wrong.

And then there is the Linux jumper, which comes in the form of a ball of wool and some knitting needles because you do know how to knit, right? Proper Linux fans will simply get given the sheep and be forced to knit the thing with their teeth, because anything easier is for noobs.

We asked Microsoft if there were plans to make the Windows 95 jumper more generally available, but the company has yet to respond. Probably too busy hitting the mince pies.

El Reg wonders if in 23 years times there’ll be a special jumper to celebrate the delights of the October build of Windows 10. It'll probably be a bit itchy and get snatched away without warning. Or just spontaneously combust. ®

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