Dine crime: Chippy sells deep fried Xmas dinner

Sweet Jesus! It includes Brussels sprouts

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Nothing says festive fun like a Chrimbo dinner encased in lovely crispy batter, and as luck would have it, a chippy north of the border is serving up such a wonder to its clientele.

Dunkeld Fish Bar in Perthshire is keeping things classy: for just £10, it is selling deep fried turkey goujons, battered devil’s testes Brussel sprouts, carrot and parsnip fritters and a foot-long sausage.

“People think they don’t like Brussels sprouts but they’re always overcooked,” said Scott Davie, who runs the fried food joint based in central Scotland.

“We do them from raw, and their natural moisture content cooks them through, and they are absolutely amazing,” he added.

Brussels sprouts are like Marmite, in that they have the ability to divide opinion between people. There are those who quite rightly hate them, and those whose tastebuds checked out years ago.

Any of the locals that like a dessert to round off Xmas dinner won't be left disappointed by the Fish Bar, as a deep fried mince pie concludes this special feast.

The proceeds from the dinner sinner are to be distributed to Dunkeld community. ®

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