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Event If you want to get together with 40 of the smartest brains in modern software development, and save £100s into the bargain, you should grab a blind bird ticket for Continuous Lifecycle London 2019 before they expire.

We’ll be announcing the speaker lineup for Continuous Lifecycle London 2019 in December, at which point our blind bird ticket offer expires.

The conference agenda is put together by our independent programme committee, which puts the needs of attendees first. So the emphasis is on practical sessions that highlight the real world problems our attendees face, and the ways in which Continuous Delivery, DevOps and associated tools can help solve them.

Whether you’re an experienced technology pro just beginning to switch from traditional waterfall development methods, or at an organisation well down the path to DevOps and/or Continuous Delivery, you’ll leave CLL with invaluable information and insights - and some great new connections.

And if you grab your blind bird ticket now, you’ll walk away with a massive saving too. Full details here.

As an example of what you can expect in 2019, here are some of the great speakers we had at Continuous Lifecycle 2018.

Linda Rising

Linda Rising’s work on patterns in software, architecture and organisational change laid the foundations of the scrum and Agile approaches which revolutionised software development and deployment. She was the opening Keynote speaker in 2018.

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Measuring Continuous Delivery

Below, Steve Smith shows how measuring stability and speed can power a successful adoption of Continuous Delivery in an organisation of any size.

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Architectures for Continuous Delivery

And here, Eberhard Wolff shows how architecture approaches like microservices and domain-driven design can help to implement continuous delivery:

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