Serverless? There’s more than one way to run a function

And more than one place…

Events Serverless computing might be the way of the future, but to some it can also look suspiciously like a whole new crop of walled gardens.

That’s why when we open the doors at Serverless Computing London in four weeks' time, you’ll find a programme that is vendor agnostic and focused on real world business, meaning whatever your platform of choice is, you’ll come away better informed.

The speaker lineup is headed by keynotes from Chad Arimura and Charity Majors, both trailblazers in the serverless space. Our conference speakers have utilised platforms like Azure Functions and AWS Lambda in enterprise grade environments, and in many cases developed key tools or approaches.

But as well as deep dives into specific platforms, there will be sessions examining key concepts and tools that apply whatever you’re running on, along with comparisons of key platforms.

And there will be hands-on examples of how major organisations have benefitted from moving to serverless, including the BBC and Rovio.

And to get really deep, check out our optional day-three workshops on AWS Lamda and Kubeless.

This all happens within a fabulous venue with great food and drink meaning you’ll be able to connect with both our speakers and your fellow attendees throughout the conference.

So, don’t delay. Head to the Serverless Computing London website today, and we’ll see you in November.

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