Xero needs a hero as business accounting site takes morning off

He's gotta be strong, he's gotta be fast, and he's gotta bring up the website

Irritated man looks at office desktop screen in frustration. Photo by Shutterstock

Online accounting outfit Xero, whose website suggests "reliable data" as a reason for using its wares, took some time out today to the distress of its customers.

First reports of the New Zealand-based company's global outage rolled in during early morning as users in Australia found themselves unable to connect to Xero's online portal:

Xero was quick to update its status page saying at 06:21 UK time that, yes, something was amiss, but the team was working on the issue.

After an initial burst of optimism that the issue had been identified just before 07:00, the support account for Xero settled into a pattern of apologies and assurances.

By 11:00, nearly five hours into the outage, the money mangler assured customers that its team was "all-in" on finding a solution. Scant comfort for users unable to deal with invoicing, payroll and all the other things businesses need to do in order to, er, stay in business.

While users amused themselves by posting the usual outage memes, Xero's own Twitter account gave an insight into the atmosphere within the bowels of the financial software flinger:

Sadly, it was still a few hours before UK customers could similarly enjoy a beer after finally giving up on getting access to their finances, and we're sure users were delighted to see Xero taking the issue so seriously.

The service clambered back online at about 13:35.

A statement to The Register said: "At 6.00am UK time (3.00pm NZ) the Xero site experienced a technical outage which affected access to the Xero site. Our teams are worked with speed [sic] to investigate the issue and site was fully operational at 1.30pm UK time. We sincerely apologise to our customers and community for any disruption this has caused."

The cause of the outage remains unknown. Xero recently began to enforce two-factor authentication in order to beef up security and has insisted that the outage was "in no way related to your data security". ®

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