Pyspark, TensorFlow, Python: What's in your machine learning toolbox?

From data to delivery, and all points between

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Events We’ve got four workshops running on October 17, covering different technologies and approaches to getting machine learning to work for your organisation. And places for all of them are filling fast.

Oliver Zeigermann returns to take you through the basics of machine learning, before diving into neural networks and deep learning and working up to convolutional neural networks, all using TensorFlow and sklearn.

To learn how to build basic models and crucially get them into production in the real world, join Terry McCann for his workshop on “From model to production using the cloud, Containers and Devops”. As well as using Python to develop models, this highly interactive session will show how to exploit common technologies such as Azure, Docker and Kubernetes.

For a holistic, soup to "notes" introduction to machine learning, join Prof Mark White and Kate Kilgour. Their session will take you through selecting the data, training the model, and then deploying it. As well as taking you through the theory behind building the model, they’ll let you loose on it.

In Machine Learning with Pyspark guru Kaya Kupferschmidt offers a crash course in Spark and machine learning, using resources drawn from the Amazon cloud. All examples and exercises will be supplied as Jupyter workbooks, with most of the work taking place in the browser.

Whichever you choose, to ensure you’re firing on all cylinders, we’ll ensure you’re supplied with excellent food, and the appropriate beverages throughout the day. Places are limited, and the workshops are filling up, so to be sure of securing place, act now. ®

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