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Events If you’re sweating about how to get on top of machine learning and AI, snap up an early bird ticket for MCubed, our three-day delve into how real organisations can exploit these technologies.

With two superb keynote speakers, 36 conference sessions, and four optional deep dive workshops, there’s no better way to get to grips with the fundamentals of the technology, what it can do for your organisation, and how you should go about introducing it.

The conference is in October, but if you buy your tickets now, you can save hundreds of pounds on the full ticket price.

Our two vastly experienced keynote speakers, Dr Joanna Bryson and Professor Dagmar Monett Diaz, will be setting the agenda, and setting the technology in context.

Our conference sessions will take you from the nuts and bolts of ML and AI, with sessions on key maths concepts and algorithms, through to essential frameworks and platforms, including Tensorflow and Keras.

We also highlight the realities of implementing or widening the scope of this in real organisations, with real world user reports, as well as sessions on how to manage ML projects and how to take into account issues such as privacy, security, and how to guard against bias.

All of which will set you up for our four deep-dive workshops, covering: Sklearn and TensorFlow; Machine Learning with PySpark; Machine Learning with the Cloud, Containers and DevOps; and our just added session on Machine Learning: From finding your data to deploying your model.

Our speakers don’t just know the theory, but have put it, and the tools, to work on real world projects. We know you won’t just want to listen, but to speak to them, and your fellow attendees, which is why there’ll be time and space to do just that.

So, why wait? Head over to the MCubed website, grab your ticket today, save big and leave the rest to us. ®

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