Fingered: Pants-down 'poo jogger' alleged to be corp exec

Second recent case of shit-and-run incident

A man holds in his poo while looking at the toilet

A corporate exec has resigned from his job after being alleged to be the "poo jogger" of Brisbane, after his neighbours set up a a night vision camera to catch the defecator with his pants down.

Douglas Macintosh, 64, is alleged to have befouled a footpath outside an apartment block 30 times in a year. He was charged on 4 June with creating a public nuisance, which was then "downgraded to an infringement notice" resulting in a $378 fine, according to the Courier Mail.

Macintosh was a senior manager at one of Australia’s retirement village operators, Aveo. He was also a member of a Brisbane council advisory board.

The firm confirmed to the paper that he had stepped down from the role.

“Until yesterday, Aveo Group was not aware of the charges laid against Mr Macintosh,” a company spokesman said.

“Aveo Group is distressed and disappointed at the alleged incidents concerning Mr Macintosh. He has tendered his resignation to the company today and is no longer an employee of Aveo Group.

“Aveo will continue to extend its support to Mr Macintosh for help that he may require.

The neighbour who took the incriminating photo of the shit-and-run incident on 11 May told he decided to wait a few mornings to capture the image in person.

The image shows a grey-haired man with his pants down, while clutching a piece of toilet paper in a squatting position.

“There’s a red light which goes on before the camera’s flash goes off and he saw that and looked at me as the photograph was taken," said the photographer.

“Then he just said, ‘Hello’. At that point I decided to just walk away."

Only last month a top education chief in New Jersey was caught by police following a sting operation to snare the mystery crapper high school running track. ®

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