Master Amazon Web Services: Get on top of reliability with our best practices webinar

Learn about the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Promo Here's a fact we cannot doubt: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has spent years working with thousands of companies across all industries to create the most comprehensive collection of best-practices and guidance known as the Well-Architected Framework.

Based on five separate pillars, the Well-Architected Framework is the most complete and thorough blueprint available for organizations undergoing a cloud transformation on top of AWS.

Los Angeles-based MSP Reliam, a longstanding AWS partner, has put together a series of webinars that dive into the intricacies of each pillar of the framework. The upcoming webinars are planned as follows:

The next webinar, hosted by Reliam's Chief Technology Officer Jonathan LaCour, is scheduled for May 9, 2018. This webinar will tackle the reliability pillar of the Well-Architected Framework. During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AWS defines service availability
  • Understand how AWS deals with network topology
  • How to think through building and operating applications on AWS with the right level of availability to meet your business needs
  • Example implementations for availability goals

To register, simply click here.

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