Build up your security credentials at SANS London June 2018

Train to outwit the cyber criminals

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Promo Even as IT systems grow and become more complex, so new and ingenious methods for stealing vital data or holding organisations to ransom proliferate at an increasingly rapid pace.

More than ever, the world needs security professionals who know how to anticipate these fast-changing attacks and keep their businesses safe.

SANS London June 2018 provides the opportunity to hone your cybersecurity skills and gain valuable GIAC certificates in specialised security areas.

Staged by the leading security training provider, the event offers an intensive training programme from 4-9 June at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London.

Each of the courses combines lectures by security experts with hands-on lab workshops and top-up evening sessions. You can also challenge your peers others in a NetWars competition.

SANS promises attendees they will be able to use their new skills as soon as they return to work.

Course topics include:

  • Hacker tools, techniques, exploits and incident handling: If your organisation has an internet connection, attackers are likely to be targeting your systems. As defenders, it is essential to understand their hacking tools and techniques.
  • Web app penetration testing and ethical hacking: Application flaws play a major role in breaches and intrusions. Learn the advanced techniques required to test web apps and next-generation technologies.
  • Memory forensics in depth: RAM content holds evidence of user actions and furtive behaviours, and examining this evidence can reveal what happened on a system. Based on Window but also covering OSX and Linux.
  • Cloud security architecture and operations: As more organisations move data and infrastructure to the cloud, will information security be its fatal weakness?
  • SIEM with tactical analysis: (security information and event management) Logging systems collect vast amounts of data from a variety of sources but many organisations lack ability to analyse it. Learn the methods and processes for enhancing logging solutions.

More information and registration details for the event are right here.


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