Beef up on DevOps, CD and Containers AND save pounds...

Continuous Lifecycle early bird tickets only hanging around another seven days

Sometimes you just need to recharge...

Our early bird tickets offer for Continuous Lifecycle London expires in a week, so if you want to learn from our lineup of DevOps, Continuous Integration and Container experts and save a bundle as well, you need to act now.

Whether you want to jack-up your Docker and Kubernetes skills, get a handle on Serverless, microservices, or monitoring, or simply get your head around this whole DevOps and Agile thing, you really should be joining us at London’s QEII Conference Centre in May.

Our speakers and workshop leaders include the likes of Agile pioneer Linda Rising, and Continuous Delivery trailblazer Dave Farley. The emphasis is squarely on people who don’t just talk about the topic in hand, but who are actively solving problems in real organisations, including monitoring, managing vast amounts of storage, and extending AB testing beyond software design and into the journalistic process itself.

And of course, there’s that other essential ingredient - you. We’ll make sure you’re suitably supplied throughout the event, so that you can get the most of the presentations, and from your conversations with your fellow attendees and the speakers themselves.

So, to take full advantage of all off of this, and of our extremely generous early bird discounts on both the conference and workshops, head over to the Continuous Lifecycle website now. ®

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