Apple to devs: Code for the iPhone X or nothing from April onwards

It's therefore safe to assume the notch is not going away any time soon

The Apple rumour mill has buzzed with speculation that less-than-completely-astounding sales of Cupertino's latest iPhone, the X, mean it might not be long for this world.

But Apple's now obliterated such theories with an overnight update to its app submission instructions that makes it plain the X is here to stay.

"Starting April 2018, all new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK," the instructions now read. "All new apps for iPhone, including universal apps, must support the Super Retina display of iPhone X." The update also advises developers to ensure their current apps are X-compatible and take advantage of its new features and those in iOS 11.

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Apple wouldn't issue such an edict if the X was on the chopping block. The new rules therefore suggest that the newest iPhone, and its controversial "notch" are here to stay. As the notch houses a front-facing camera and Apple's FaceID circuitry, it seems safe to assume Apple plans to keep the latter for future iPhones too.

Apple's not said exactly when in April its edict will come into effect, so developers don't yet have a definitive deadline. Whatever day Apple picks, its intention is clear: get with the notch, or go try your luck in the Android market. With Apple selling over 200 million handsets a year, on top of perhaps double that number using older models, developers will probably follow Cupertino's instructions without many complaints. ®

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