Breaking the storage bottleneck

How NVMe enables the real-time business

Webcast On the 6th of December at 10am GMT we're broadcasting live with a webcast that explores the potential of NVMe to help organisations manage the storage bottleneck.

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), is a minimal-overhead storage interconnect standard designed to cope with today’s massively scalable data throughput and processing requirements and coupled with all-flash storage, the resulting storage architectures can reduce or remove bottlenecks.

Our agenda for the hour is to:

1. Touch on the benefits of data growth and the challenges this creates.

2. Consider the technology options including all-flash arrays and high-speed interfaces such as NVMe.

3. Explore how organisations can deliver a balanced approach to storage management, supporting the diversity of enterprise workloads and service requirements.

We have our own Jon Collins running the show and with him in the studio are analyst Tony Lock and Marcel Pohle from Huawei. If that sounds like it could be useful to you, join us - and bring your questions. You can find out more and register right here.

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