OnePlus 5T is like the little sister you always feared was the favourite

This time, the flagship challenger gets it right


Imaging has been revamped – losing the telephoto lens, which is compensated for with digital zoom. Still duo. The primary sensor is a 16MP Sony unit, bt in dim light it switches to the 20MP unit. The aperture is now wider f/1.7. But there's no sign of OIS.

Pictures were mixed bag, being unexpectedly good with portraits in low light. Moving-children-in-poor-light usually trip up a cameraphone. It didn’t screw up the colours by oversaturating. With busy landscapes it struggled to make sense of detail

OnePlus 5T: sample image.

Bokeh effect. Easily confused.

OnePlus 5T: sample image
OnePlus 5T: sample image.

. Now have a look at the Panorama shot below, I've included a cropped portion zoomed in (25 per cent). I tried panorama a few times and the result was the same. It’s just sampling, and isn’t trying to interpolate the stream. Either that or the app expected a stabilised image. Hmmm.

OnePlus 5T: sample image. Click to enlarge

"We were somewhere around Highgate on the edge of the woods when the drugs began to take hold..."

Now consider the following landscape. The second is a detail from the first.

OnePlus 5T: sample image
OnePlus 5T: sample image

It's got confused with the yellow leaves, and turned them into a fog.

The camera app has been tidied up a bit. You now swipe up to change mode. I miss the filters on the original OnePlus One.

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