This could be our favorite gadget of 2017: A portable projector

The XGIMI CC Aurora is, frankly, outstanding. But a little buggy

Not all fixed

On top of which, streaming with AirPlay still isn't working. And the Bluetooth hand-off is also buggy and problematic. In short, there needs to be a version 1.2 or likely 1.3 before this gets into the hands of any consumers. Otherwise they are going to be very unhappy to find their new super portable projector doesn't do what they want.

On the plus side, it should be just a firmware upgrade. And the software they are using to drive the projector itself is clear, minimal and highly functional. As one example, the system for adjusting the screen to get a perfectly rectangular image, and for increasing and decreasing the image size, is better than that found in most high-end movie projectors.

So, with the caveat that there are bugs and there needs to be a software upgrade, or two, before this is ready for primetime, we have to say we are fans.

OK, so how much is this marvel? Because you just can't wait to start streaming Stranger Things season two in your bathroom.

Well, it's $569 (£432). So that's the bad news. The good news is that its maker is doing an Indiegogo with a discount right now, so you could get hold of one for $399.

Is it worth it? Yes, if you have $500 to spare. The biz appears to be pitching it to millennials on camping trips – which is probably a pretty good market. We wouldn't be surprised to see one of these projecting on the outside of a building at a street fair within a few months.

To our mind, the Aurora would also be a no-brainer for a traveling trainer or a salesperson. No more need to pack a hefty projector as well as speakers and a laptop into the back of your car. This tiny cube and a smartphone is all you need.

It might also just be worth it if you want a second screen for your home but don't want to have a flatscreen TV permanently installed, including all the necessary cables.

If you don't like watching TV shows on your phone or tablet, or if you want to share with others and don't have a big TV, then this is definitely worth considering. It is a really fun, useful gadget.

As to the likelihood of it being the next Walkman or camcorder: the combination of new technologies that made this product possible is pretty compelling. And in the Instagram and streaming media world in which we now find ourselves, it does have the potential to take off.

How do we know? Because just this week we heard of another company – Optoma – coming to market with a high-end Android-based portable projector, although at what looks to be twice the price of the Aurora. Expect to start seeing these fancy portable projectors around town. ®

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