No more mister nice GUI: Visual tools stapled to Azure Data Factory

Hate code? Love lists? Microsoft's got you covered

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In a move that will delight factory workers developers everywhere, Microsoft has added more graphical user interface features to Azure Data Factory V2.

Azure Data Factory is Redmond's data pipeline management and integration service, kind of like Google Cloud Dataflow or AWS Data Pipeline.

The unrelenting factory service allows devs to programmatically make, schedule and control data workflows in the cloud or on-prem.

But now that's changing.

"We are excited to announce the addition of visual monitoring capabilities for Azure Data Factory V2 (ADF v2) to our customers," program manager Gaurav Malhotra wrote.

"With this release, you can easily monitor the data factory v2 pipelines without writing a single line of code."

Because, yeah, devs hate code and love GUIs.

For now the visual monitoring features only allow users to check up on pipeline and activity runs with some handy clicks. You can get a list view of what's going on and filter through it. But don't worry.

"This is the first of many visual tools that we plan to enable for our customers in the coming months to visually author and monitor data factory v2 pipelines," Malhotra added.

"Our ultimate goal with visual tools for ADF v2 is to increase productivity and efficiency for both new and advanced users with intuitive experiences."

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