Wanna dive into ML/AI and data science? Last call for MCubed tickets

Still a chance to join us and your fellow boffins on Monday

Sometimes you just need to recharge...

The speakers are on their way, the food and drink is ordered, and there are just a handful of tickets left for MCubed, our three-day delve into machine learning, AI and data science.

We'll be opening the doors at 9.30am, Monday, October 9, at 30 Euston Square, with 40 speakers who will be able to expand your mind, whether you're just starting to experiment with data science and machine learning, or are itching to get some AI running your company right now.

Alongside all of that, we'll be looking at the human factor – both UX and ethical/legal – and asking where robotics and driverless cars are heading. And of course, making time to eat, drink, and most importantly talk with each other about what's really happening in this fastest of fast-moving technology areas.

If you're kicking yourself for not grabbing a spot already, have no fear. There are some conference tickets left, and a few workshop spots. If you want to join us, head here and get clicking.

And if you're too late? Well, there's always next year. ®

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