Don't forget the human factor in AI and Machine Learning

That would be you, by the way

Sometimes you just need to recharge...

Reg Event We will be taking a long hard look at AI, ML and data analytics at MCubed next month, but there’s one other element we’ll be keeping in mind throughout: humans.

Yes, from October 9 to 10 we’ve got conference sessions that will get you on top of the key building blocks of ML and machine learning - from algorithms to frameworks, to architectures.

And we’ll have speakers who’ve applied all of the above to real organisations, full of real humans, or to solving problems that humans really care about - from how they shop to how they can prevent a roof from collapsing in heavy rain.

But we’ll also be examining the legal and ethical issues surrounding the development of machine learning and AI, with tech law specialist Andrew Joint and ethicist Catherine Flick, and the importance of UX with Terradata’s Yasmeen Ahmad.

Meanwhile, humans being an inquisitive lot, we’ll be exploring some of the more esoteric applications of ML and AI, including self-driving cars and robotics, as well as giving you the opportunity to learn more about key topics through our optional day 3 workshops.

And finally, from start to finish, we’ll be keeping three very human concerns in mind - food, drink, and socialising. We’ll ensure there’s suitable food to keep you fuelled, some excellent liquid refreshment to keep you lubricated, and plenty of opportunities to meet your fellow attendees and the speakers, not least at the drinks party at the end of the first day.

This all takes place at 30 Euston Square in Central London. So, is there anything missing? Only that most crucial element - you. Tickets are running low, so to ensure your place, head over to the MCubed website, and secure your ticket now. ®

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