Cisco sheds Euro execs to 'evolve and simplify'... or, y'know, chop costs

All about making itself an organisation of the 'future'

Change seems to be the one constant at Cisco as it battles to maintain relevance amid the new ways tech is sold and consumed. With this in mind, it is initialising another restructure that has cost three execs their job.

Switchzilla confirmed to El Reg today that it is waving goodbye to Michael Ganser, senior veep for central and eastern Europe; Milo Schacher, head of channels for EMEAR; and Mike Weston, veep of the Middle East.

A company spokeswoman told us that as the IT industry shifts, "Cisco continues to evolve and simplify its organisational structure to create the organisation of the future."

Presumably she isn't referring to a dystopian future where humans – including former Cisco employees – are paid a Universal Basic Income to sit on their backside and eat potato chips, while their jobs are fulfilled by robots or software.

Cisco said in May it was laying off 1,100 staff but it is not clear if this trio of exec departures are part of this wave or an additional reduction. In 2016, Cisco removed 5,500 staffers and some 6,000 in 2015. Total headcount was maintained as people with different skills joined.

The spokeswoman said Cisco has "made the decision to restructure how we are organised in EMEAR", putting the Middle East and Africa ops under the control of David Meads, and separating the Central European region "theatre" into Eastern Europe, Russia/CIS and Switzerland independently.

She said it had also more closely "aligned the way we work with our partners (trade customers) in EMEAR to the technology architectures".

"These changes resulted in three EMEAR executive departures... We thank them for their contributions and wish them all the best in their future endeavours," the Cisco PR handler told us. ®

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