QEMU qontemplates qleanup of old qode

Open source hypervisor's devs say qoding around legacy features qomplicates quality

Open source hypervisor QEMU is contemplating a code cleanup.

The project's developers have recently pointed out that “The deprecation of features in QEMU is totally adhoc currently, with no way for the user to get a list of what is deprecated in each release.” The project therefore made an effort to properly document deprecated features and has now floated the idea of a formal cleanup effort.

QEMU developer Thomas Huth blogged that the effort is worthy because “While the QEMU developers are generally trying to keep each QEMU release compatible with the previous ones, the old legacy sometimes gets into the way when developing new code and/or causes quite some burden of maintaining it.”

That burdensome task might, The Register imagines, be one reason why QEMU's been implicated in several problems with the Xen hypervisor and why Google's cloud binned QEMU in favour of hardening its own cut of KVM.

Huth suggests that developers consult the list of deprecated features and argue for the retention of any they feel need to be kept alive. Otherwise, they'll be swept away in a planned clean-up effort. ®

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