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Why IoT failed, the AI takeover, the rise of content providers, and assorted chat


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This week Amy is joined by Ed and Melissa with special guest Michael Coté, director of technical marketing at Pivotal. Together they discuss IoT's turn to stink, more douchebags, AI takeovers, the rise of the content providers and zombies.

The details...

  • (00:00) Digital transformation? Use Powerpoint
  • (04:54) Amy's apocalypse-proof Wi-Fi
  • (09:00) Legacy software and flooring
  • (12:00) Three-year-olds and CIOs
  • (14:05) IoT? Fail
  • (18:13) Hey everybody, douchebags aren't news
  • (22:16) AI takeover? We can't even schedule meetings!
  • (33:08) Amazon turns Eddie into Tipper Gore
  • (40:41) Netflix makes it rain $400m
  • (45:36) Do you not know that's a zombie?
  • (47:19) Normal to mow?

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Speaking in Tech: Episode 270

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