Jesus walks away after 7,000lb pipe van incident

Local cops issue ticket afterwards

Big popes, images via Shutterstock

Jesus has miraculously survived a great weight from the heavens that should have crushed him to death, according to Florida TV.

36-year-old Jesus Armando Escobar was driving down the American Interstate 4 motorway on Saturday when a scrap metal truck driver lost control on an overpass above the motorway.

The scrap metal truck overturned and a 7,000lb (3.2-tonne) pipe segment fell off it, then rolled over the side of the overpass and onto Jesus’s Pontiac van, crushing it almost completely, according to WFTV9.

Escobar, a father of three, was able to walk away with only minor injuries, though he said he doesn’t remember the crash.

“If he had been sitting in any other seat, he would have likely been killed,” officials told the local TV station.

Local police gave the truck driver a ticket for careless driving. ®

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