In after-hours trade on Monday, NYSE deployed test code to production

Wallow in my DevOps holiday

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It looks like the New York Stock Exchange took the opportunity of an abridged trading session ahead of the fourth of July to test some code relating to its API.

The problem is, test seems to have gone to production with the hilarious result that a bunch of stocks are reporting the same value: $123.47 (which, as someone noted on Twitter, could be $123.456 rounded off).

It's brought about quite the Tweet-storm:

Companies reporting the same value included Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Sears, Zynga, Dish, Nasdaq and Google.

The sharp-eyed award goes to Twitter user @supersat, Karl Koscher:

Hopefully, anyone running automated trading systems either knew to ignore the API for a while, or cross-check NYSE data against other exchanges:

The oddity of “$123.47” led one Scott McIntyre to suggest a rounding:

Since it's well after-hours in New York, the exchange hasn't had the opportunity to explain what happened. ®

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