Bluemix gives users two months to adopt new rolling deployment tool

Active Deploy binned in favour of Kubernetes and/or Cloud Foundry

IBM's announced a swift retirement of its Active Deploy service, a facility offered to those who want frequent updates to cloudy applications.

The service will disappear from the Bluemix Catalog on June 23rd and “As of July 23, 2017, the service will be shut down and any existing deployment configurations will be deleted.”

That edict means that users have just two months to follow IBM's instructions on how to preserve their current code, namely:

  • Migrate your continuous deployment automation to use the appropriate alternative solution.
  • If you are using Active Deploy for container-based solutions, migrate your containers to an IBM Bluemix Container Service Kubernetes cluster and leverage the zero-downtime capabilities of Kubernetes.
  • If you are using the service with Cloud Foundry based solutions, migrate your deployment automation to use native Cloud Foundry capabilities, one of the open source solutions.
  • Delete your existing Active Deploy deployment configurations.

IBM's reason for the sudden termination is that Active Deploy never made it out of beta – although of course Beta is often notional these days – and that it's decided the Bluemix Container Service will be Kubernetes all the way down. IBM's own deployment tooling is therefore an oddity and it is recommending either “Cloud Foundry native capabilities, or open source solutions for Cloud Foundry application deployments.”

What are you waiting for, Active Deploy users? Stop reading this now and get migrating! ®

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