Wondering why the office is so productive? Yep, Twitter's knackered

Meanwhile, Vine may have leaked your email, phone number – oops

Twitter has spent much of the day tackling gremlins in its systems that have left loads of users unable to access parts of the jibber-jabber service.

The internet megaphone copped to two different problems that have arisen in the past 12 hours. While not a complete outage, the issues have left some without access to basic features like following others and sending tweets.

The Twitter API status page also shows timeline and stream services having performance issues. Spokespersons for Twitter had no comment beyond what's already on the dashboard updates and in their customer support tweets.

Twitter API status page

Twitter's API status as of 10:45 AM Pacific

Meanwhile, on outage monitoring site Down Detector, twits are reporting that the problems are happening worldwide and have hit both the Twitter site itself and 3rd party apps that rely on its APIs.

DownDetector reports of Twitter issues

Meanwhile, former Twitter property Vine has begun to warn users after it discovered a vulenrability that exposed some user account details.

"The bug had the potential to expose the email address or phone number associated with a Vine account to third parties under certain circumstances," the ex-video sharing site said.

"We have already notified all affected account holders for whom we have a verified email address on file, so if you weren’t notified, you most likely weren’t affected." ®

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