CyberArk splashes $42m on DevOps security whizz Conjur

Israeli firm prepares for DevOps deluge

Infosec firm CyberArk has bought Conjur, a provider of DevOps security software, for $42m.

Israel-based CyberArk specialises in privileged account management and secrets protection. Conjur's tech for securing DevOps will allow CyberArk to dive deeper into the DevOps lifecycle to protect secrets and manage machine identities.

The DevOps process is dramatically expanding the attack surface across the entire enterprise. CyberArk aims to revolutionise DevOps security by using the fruits of the Conjur acquisition to deliver an "enterprise-class, automated privileged account security and secrets management" platform to secure the DevOps lifecycle and cloud-native environments.

Which is nice.

Privileged account credentials – SSH keys, API keys and more – are proliferating throughout IT infrastructure because of DevOps practices. CyberArk has acquired Conjur in an attempt to train and saddle this wild horse of software development.

A statement on the deal – announced Thursday – can be found here. ®

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