job ads entice IT bods with promise they will be OUTSIDE IR35

Please, please come back

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So desperate is the UK government to attract IT contractors in the wake of controversial changes to IR35 legislation, it is advertising roles as explicitly outside the tweaks. In capital letters.

One job ad for a software licence wrangler at the Ministry of Justice for £600 per day is a case in point.

Haybrook IT Resourcing is seeking a skilled and experienced Software Licence Asset Manager for a six-month contract with a leading public sector department surrounding the criminal justice system.

"If you are an enthusiastic and talented Software Licence Asset Manager and would like to find out more details of this position, please see below and get in touch ASAP for consideration. This contract has also been deemed as OUTSIDE of IR35," read the blurb.

As The Register has reported, the changes made last month have led to an exodus of contractors across the public sector. That in turn has left a number of projects hanging in the balance. Remaining contractors are said to be hiking their fees by 20-30 per cent to offset the changes.

The Treasury has estimated that it will swell its coffers by £185m for 2017/18 by bringing more temporary workers within the scope of the legislation.

The National Audit Office recently said the government will need to splash £145m per year on 2,000 digital staff – or £244m using contractors – if it is to meet the serious shortfall in skills.

Clearly one tactic to win back bods is to clearly mark roles as OUTSIDE. ®

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