Commonwealth Bank hyperconverges with VMware and Dell EMC

ServiceMesh is still there. But the VSANs are landing to help an automation push

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has made a significant investment in VMware's hyperconverged stack.

The Register understands that the bank has signed up for a lot of Virtual SAN, to run on Dell EMC servers, and that the combination will become an important part of its hybrid cloud. We understand that the deal goes beyond VSAN, but that the ServiceMesh cloudware the bank acquired amid allegations of bribery will remain in place. It's therefore unclear if VMware will boss the bank's hybrid cloud, as it generally aspires to do.

A bank spokesperson told The Register “Commonwealth Bank has been realising the benefits of cloud services for many years now. Building on our existing technologies we are focusing on automation and introducing new hardware and systems across our current hybrid-cloud environment to help us better manage this environment and deliver us even further benefits.”

The bank declined to offer further comment.

The mention of automation suggests vRealize Automation is going to get a run inside the bank, and perhaps NSX, which can automate all manner of network happenings.

Commonwealth Bank signed up for VMware as part of a server consolidation in the late noughties, not long after ServiceMesh landed with what was at the time a mature private cloud platform. VMware's since accelerated past ServiceMesh as a private cloud wrangler. The latter vendor's continued presence at the bank therefore suggests either the bank is happy running cylinders of excellence silos, or a hybrid cloud that has varying on-premises components. ®

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