Online Trust Alliance merges with Internet Society

Two become one

Key internet standards-making body the Internet Society (ISOC) and security and privacy org the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) are merging.

The move, announced Wednesday, sees an important standards-driver combining with an org that has guided best practices for the commercialisation of the web.

From now on the OTA will operate within the Internet Society. Existing OTA initiatives such as annual Online Trust Audit and Cyber Incident Response Guide and Internet of Things (IoT) Trust Framework will be retained and expanded, the new org said.

"OTA and ISOC are excited to join forces in order to improve online trust, enhance data security, promote responsible privacy practices, and bolster the development and use of an open internet," said OTA president and executive director, Craig Spiezle. "By working together, OTA’s vision and mission will be sustained and amplified with the resources, reach and stature of the Internet Society."

Internet Society president and chief exec Kathryn Brown added: "At a time when cyber-attacks and identity theft are on the rise, this partnership will help improve security and data privacy for users."

OTA was founded in 2004, and has since worked with industry leaders to develop technical standards to fight spam, advance Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and email authentication best practices. More recently it has introduced a foundation for a future IoT certification programme and has worked on measures to address online fraud such as malvertising.

Founded in 1992, the Internet Society is the organisational home of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It is backed by more than 95,000 individual members and supporters as well as more than 110 organisational members. ®

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