AWS emits EnginFrame 2017 for cloudy HPC

Simpler cluster config

Amazon Web Services' 2016 acquisition of NICE Systems is bearing fruit, with AWS lifting the lid on the next iteration of a high performance computing service called EnginFrame.

EnginFrame 2017 is designed to run on top of the AWS cloud, and make it simpler to deploy a Linux-based HPC cluster “in less than an hour”, AWS says.

AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr writes that the basis of an EnginFrame 2017 deployment is a CloudFormation template, which gives the user a consistent interface to launch new clusters.

At launch, EnginFrame creates two CloudFormation stacks:

  • The “Main Stack”, a “shared, EFS-based storage for your cluster, and an Application Load Balancer that routes incoming requests to the Default Cluster Stack”. This also hosts AWS Lambda functions used to set up and manage IAM roles (giving users access to resources) and SSL certificates.
  • The “Default Cluster Stack”, where workloads run under management of the Main Stack. “The cluster is powered by CfnCluster and scales up and down as needed, terminating compute nodes when they are no longer needed. It also runs the EnginFrame portal.”

Barr provides an extensive how-to in the post.

Available now, EnginFrame 2017 is charged according to the AWS resources consumed – EC2 instances, EFS storage and the like – and EngineFrame is being made available for a 90-day free trial, after which licensing will apply to the number of concurrent users.

Barr notes that users can continue to maintain their on-premises EnginFrame configurations, or can move them into the cloud. ®

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