Repentant priest from Cuntis sorry he dressed as Hugh Hefner

Male bunnies simulating sex acts on him in carnival

Priest, image via Shutterstock

A Spanish priest who dressed up as Hugh Hefner – flanked by two men in Playboy bunny outfits – as he rode a float at carnival in the Galician town of Cuntis, has been forced to apologise.

Juan Carlos Martínez dressed as the Playboy mogul on his carnival float, while his companions simulated "erotic acts" on him.

According to The Local, the trio lounged on red satin sheets on a trailer made out to look like a bed. At one point, “a bunny” leapt astride Hugh and simulated sex.

Martínez has since repented the act: “I am so sorry to those who feel offended,” he said.

According to La Voz de Galicia, he was asked by the notoriously humourless Catholic Church to attend a “spiritual retreat” to reflect on “behaviour clearly inappropriate for a priest".

But residents of Cuntis saw the funny side. One local told TV channel Antena 3: “Such things happen at carnival, it’s just a bit of fun,” adding “He’s a great priest and everyone loves him.”

“He is loved by the whole town – he’s young,” said another local.

The channel tweeted the following picture of Martínez with his bunnies:

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