Hey Eric, you Schrock! Delphix engineering veep bumped up to CTO

Ex-Sun bloke earns promotion at virty database biz

A reliable source tells us that Delphix, the database copy virtualizer, has promoted engineering VP Eric Schrock into its chief technology officer role, finally replacing the somewhat long-ago departed Adam Leventhal.

The company hired Chris Cook as CEO in April 2016. No doubt he has had lots to do and has now got around to filling the vacant CTO slot.

A Delphix spokesperson said: "In 2016, we saw a surge in demand from customers as some of the most important brands in the world – including three of the top five banks and three of the top five retailers – woke up to the realization that they have been shackled by the weight of data that has inhibited their ability to release data fast and with greater confidence.

"To meet that spike in demand, we've built out an even stronger executive team, naming industry vets Eric Schrock as CTO, Michelle Kerr as the company's first CMO and Tony Orlando to run worldwide sales. Eric has been with Delphix for six years and has become one of the foremost experts on the transformation that all organizations are undergoing and the unique role that data can play to help their businesses move faster."

Eric Schrock has an impressive CV – having been at Sun from June 2002 to April 2010, then swallowed up with Sun into Oracle, where he stayed for only 9 months, leaving in December 2010 and joining Delphix that month as Director of Application Engineering.

Meanwhile Leventhal, who was one of the three software engineers behind Sun's DTrace, has just raised money for his stealth mode startup. We have no details about what this startup is focussed on, but we believe its name is Transposit and he is the cofounder and CEO.

Tina Huang is the other cofounder and also CTO, and was an entrepreneur in residence at Sutter Hill Ventures until last month. She was once a staff software engineer at Twitter, from October 2009 to June 2014. Before that she was a senior SW engineer at Google and a software engineer at Apple before that. She launched a class-action lawsuit against Twitter in 2015, alleging gender bias against females in its promotional system.

Transposit has a GitHub entry but we have no other details. ®

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