Is flash really the game-changer the marketeers say it is?

Taking over your data centre?

Study How many stories have you read about all-flash arrays taking over your data centre or computer room? You've probably heard this line even more than you’ve read about how everything is moving to the cloud, how IoT will change the world next week, or how cyber-attacks are going to bring civilisation to its knees by Easter.

Flash is the enterprise hype of the day, and about the only subjects getting more coverage are Brexit and Trump. And yet the truth is lots of us are indeed already using flash storage.

What we want to know is just how important flash storage really is in business. What actually matters to you? Are you heading to an all-flash data centre nirvana, or do you expect your IT systems to still be running hard disks in the next few years? Come to that, just how important is dedupe to you?

Let us know what really matters to you by filling in our survey and we will get back to you with the actual state of play as you, the readers of The Reg, see it. ®

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