Continuous Lifecycle London: More workshops, more speakers

Join us in London this May to talk DevOps, CD, containers and more

The view from the QE II conference centre

We’ve added more workshops and conference speakers to the Continuous Lifecycle lineup, making the three-day event a must-go for any tech pro looking to get on top of DevOps, containerization, and Continuous Delivery.

We’re chuffed that Pingworks’ Christoph Lukas and Alexander Birk will be delivering a whole-day workshop on Continuous Delivery with Docker on our May 19 workshop day. This hands-on session will take attendees from a look at Docker’s basic tooling through to how to use Docker containers in continuous delivery pipelines and deployment with the Kubernetes container orchestration manager.

Christoph and Alexander’s session is just one of five workshops announced so far. We have sessions spanning DevOps and Databases, CD with Docker Swarm, and of course our all-day session from continuous delivery originator Dave Farley. Places for all our workshops are very limited, so if you delay, you might not get in on the day.

Our conference agenda has also expanded, with the addition of talks on Kubernetes, Swarm and Co from Liz Rice, and an Introduction to Docker from Continuous Lifecycle alumnus Kat McIvor.

They join a wide-ranging lineup across May 17 to 19 which spans the key technologies and methodologies the most forward-looking devs, architects and CIOs need to understand and apply today. Our over-arching aim is to take you beyond the visions and theories, and show you how real world organisations are applying the technology and tools that everyone else is just talking about.

You can see the full lineup of sessions and speakers here.

Whether you’ve just started experimenting with DevOps, Containers, Agile or CD, or are well down the path and contemplating your next leap, we’re confident you’ll learn plenty from both our conference and workshop sessions.

You’ll also learn from your fellow attendees – and we’ll ensure you’ve got the time, space and supplies to talk about what’s happening in your organisations.

This all happens at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in the heart of London. We want you to be there, but places are limited. So, we suggest you check out our early bird ticket offer now. ®

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