Speaking in Tech: So. Hard-boiled Brexit... will tech firms scramble?

Don't forget, they'll also have to spend a lot to relocate

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This week on our tech chatfest, Ed Saipetch, Melissa Gurney and Peter Smallbone drive the podcast ship to discuss Snap, US travel bans, smart TVs that are a bit too smart and laptop spies.

The details…

  • (01:42) Slippery trackpads
  • (04:43) Snap IPOing
  • (12:11) Snap’s $400m commitment to Google Cloud
  • (18:50) Tech leaders get legal on US travel ban
  • (26:00) Hard Brexit vs Soft Brexit
  • (32:00) Vizio collecting and selling your data
  • (37:40) Snooping laptop cams
  • (39:48) Fallout from the BIG game

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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