Why don't you all just f-f-f-fade away, Kaspersky asks generation SocMed

'FFForget' tool backs up social media if you quit. But who really needs paid service?


If things look awful c-c-cold on social networks and you no longer dig what we all say online, Kaspersky Labs have cooked up a novel software-as-a-service product that will let back up your accounts before you decide to you f-f-f-fade away.

Dubbed “FFForget” and promised to launch as a “closed beta in early 2017”, the free version of the tool will let you back up either Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+. For US$1.99 a month you'll be able to back up all four.

This is an invitation-driven service, with sign-ups here for those who fancy a go at downloading their data.

Before you do so, remember that it's possible to download your Twitter archive, export your Facebook data with the Zuck-approved instructions or use Google Takeout to export lots of stuff from the Alphabet subsidiary's services. It's also not hard to find third party tools like Vibbi to export Instagram photos.

Why bother with Kaspersky's alternative? The company promises to encrypt the downloads, never to scrape the dumps for advertising purposes and also to offer access to the social networks' APIs so you can use third party services to shift from one network to another or otherwise wrangle your data.

So if you decide social media is no longer a b-big s-s-sensation, Kaspersky's giving you a way to stop talkin' 'bout your g-g-generation. ®

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