Stop replying! pleads NetApp customer stuck in reply-allpocalypse

Get me the f**k off this mailing list, hundreds scream

Value pack of two tins of Spam

Hundreds of NetApp customers were peeved to find they had accidentally been added to the CC field of an email, resulting in a spamaggeddon of messages.

The communique was intended as a support bulletin regarding a previous version of Windows.

One customer got in touch to say: "NetApp accidentally emailed all their customers on CC as opposed to BCC and a reply-all fiasco has ensued." Last we heard from our customer about 300 emails had been sent.

The gaffe resulted in increasingly angry customers replying with responses such as "Fu** this!" "Please remove us," and "Remove us from this RT ticket immediately, please!"

Another customer got in touch to plead: "This creates a huge mail loop that we’re all stuck in. 'Reply all' going crazy. Please post something to stop people replying."

He added: “Have tweeted Netapp etc. Mails coming in fast from this... Annoying!"

Another said: "All their BCC list is being spammed with email from other customers asking people to stop replying all etc. Comical."

Last November, the NHS email system was hit by a message storm when an IT contractor at Croydon NHS sent a "test email" to 850,000 people in the organisation. That resulted in an estimated 200 million unnecessary emails.

The Register has contacted NetApp for a comment. ®

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