Mozillans call for new moz://a logo to actually work in browsers

Logo picked to represent internet roots just confuses the internet

Mozilla's logo confuses the heck outta Safari
moz:lla confuses the heck outta Apple's Safari browser

LOGOWATCH Mozilla, sorry Moz://a's new logo is causing problems because it doesn't work when typed into browsers' address bars.

As depicted at the top of this story, or here for m.reg readers), the new logo is confusing Safari. Chrome and Firefox interpret it as a search term.

Developers are sufficiently concerned about those outcomes to have added a Bugzilla thread calling for Firefox to support the logo when typed into the address bar.

And fair enough: the logo was selected because it offered a “nod to URL language reinforces that the Internet is at the heart of Mozilla."

So much of a nod that ““I'd imagine with the new logo, a lot of people will try typing moz://a in the URL bar,” writes the thread's initiator, Brian R. Bondy. “It currently does a search for moz://a. Easter egg waiting to happen? Or maybe another opportunity?”

Debate then considers whether typing “ moz://a” into the address bar should send users to a specific page, perhaps Mozilla's mission statement.

Logos don't usually result in developer debate. Enjoy this one, Mozillans moz://ans. ®

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