Veeam vaunts its va-va-voom as 2016 revenues unveiled

As if backup competition happens to someone else

The Batmobile
Just a concept car for the VeeamMobile

It's news but kind of expected: Veeam has seen almost 30 per cent year-on-year growth in its final 2016 quarter, and full-year revenues of $607.4m.

The stats keep on coming:

  • 230,000 customers worldwide: Veeam added close to 50,000 total paid customers in 2016, keeping pace with the historical average of approximately 4,000 new customers every month.
  • Enterprise licence bookings grew 57 per cent annually, while the number of new enterprise customers grew 48.6 per cent to 761 over the same period.
  • 13.3 million virtual machines are protected by Veeam Availability SW.
  • 45,000 ProPartners worldwide.

Peter McKay, Veeam's president and COO, talks of a "fantastic year... incredible growth..." yadda yadda. Tens of thousands of this, tens of thousands of that, millions of something else – it's a predictable old world of constantly growing numbers looked at through the windows of the all-conquering Veeamobile.

Pedal to the metal, Veeammers. We can almost sniff a billion-dollar year coming – vroom vroom. ®

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