EE brings 1,000 call centre jobs to UK and Ireland

Follows move by much-complained about parent BT

Phone Booth
Helloooo! Apologies, it's a bit windy up here. You were saying: The sodding phone is doing what?

British mobile phone network EE has brought 1,000 customer service operator jobs in-house - claiming to be the first operator to "in-source" all call centre roles to the UK and Ireland.

According to customer complaint data compiled by Ofcom, EE is one of the least moaned about mobile operators. Although O2, Three and Tesco mobile beat it for the fewest complaints in the last quarterly survey.

BT, which bought EE for £12.5bn last year, is also hiring 1,500 call centre staff in the UK and Ireland in a bid to tackle complaints.

The former state monopoly is periodically the most moaned-about fixed line broadband provider, according to Ofcom data.

EE CEO Marc Allera described 2016 as "a landmark year" for EE's customer service adding that the it has "delivered on the pledge we made last April to answer all EE customer service calls in the UK and Ireland."

The roles are located in North Tyneside, Darlington, Plymouth and Merthyr Tydfil sites. ®

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